Clubhouse App: What Is Clubhouse (And How Can Wedding Pros Use It)?

You may have heard of the newest social media platform — but it’s okay if you’re not part of it just yet because it’s still in beta testing. We’re talking about the Clubhouse social app and sharing a few ways that wedding pros can use it to grow their business. This is a live-audio app […]

4 Ways Royal Weddings Have Influenced the Modern Wedding Industry

From fashion to technology, we’re highlighting four ways royal weddings have influenced the modern wedding industry — and how wedding pros can use that to anticipate shifts in the market. (Don’t miss the end of this blog, where we share insights for wedding pros to learn from royal weddings.) WHY ROYAL WEDDINGS ARE SO INFLUENTIAL […]

Trending Heirloom Wedding Details: From Jewelry to Registry

Couples are leaning more towards meaningful wedding planning and including heirloom details that pay homage to their family as well as their love story. From their jewelry to their registry (engaged to newlywed), we’re covering all the most popular heirloom wedding details. WHAT HEIRLOOM WEDDING DETAILS ARE ALL ABOUT An heirloom is defined as a […]

How To Apply for the Second Round of PPP Loans for Small Businesses

On Dec. 27, 2020, Congress passed a $2.3 trillion dollar spending bill known as the COVID Relief Package, and in it is more aid for small businesses in the form of the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”). This particular relief round is targeted to mom and pop businesses!  This article will not provide in-depth history on […]

5 Effective Ideas for Creating Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is your best friend as a small business. As a small business owner or team member, every hour counts — and the goal is to get technology working for you. This means everything you create needs to have multiple uses and purposes, and stay relevant. Evergreen content equals website visitors, backlinks and more! […]

2021 Wedding Trends: Edwardian Romance

Intricate lace wedding dresses, ethereal bridal hair, exquisitely detailed wedding jewelry, bountiful shower bouquets filled with garden roses, and more. We’re talking about the 2021 wedding trend — Edwardian Romance. Edwardian-era inspiration is everywhere when it comes to 2021 wedding trends and we’ve got the scoop for you! THE EDWARDIAN ERA The tricky part about […]

Trending Wedding Color Palettes for 2021

From bold and bright to soft and neutral, we’re talking all about trending wedding color palettes for 2021. Couples planning their wedding post-COVID, lockdowns, and quarantine are looking to celebrate with mood-boosting hues this year. (And we’re completely here for this colorful infusion.) You can expect to see shocking shades along with whispers of color […]

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends You’ll See in 2021

Soft curls and soft contouring are just two of the wedding hair and makeup trends you’ll see in 2021. Today, we’re getting insights from wedding pros on what they see coming down the pike — and what has them most excited in hair and makeup. Among the changes and trends, COVID has had an impact […]

10 Trends You’ll See Grooms Rocking at 2021 Weddings

From double-breasted suits to floral pockets, we’re talking about 10 trends you’ll see grooms rocking at 2021 weddings. 10 Trends You’ll See Grooms Rocking at 2021 Weddings Brides aren’t the only ones having fun with fashion and pampering themselves for the big day. Grooms are showing up and showing off for weddings in 2021. Let’s […]

Bridal Fashion Trends: Wedding Headpieces and How Brides are Wearing Them

Bridal headwear is one of the hottest trends in wedding fashion and the results are nothing short of stunning. From the elegant straw hats to the opulent bridal tiaras, we’re covering wedding headpieces and how brides are wearing them. THE FASCINATION WITH WEDDING HEADWEAR Royal Inspiration for Headpieces Headwear has always been a part of […]