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Hey, friends!

We’re Wed Society and you can find us on Instagram @wedsociety and for wedding pros at

We’re a group of passionate wedding editors and marketers that have been immersed in the wedding space for 15+ years. Entrepreneurs and founders, Kami Huddleston and Ashley Bowen Murphy have successfully built several modern, wedding media brands over at @bridesofnorthtx, @bridesofok, @bridesofaustin, and @bridesofhouston + a digital marketing agency tailored to wedding pros over at @brandlinkmedia.

Let’s just say, our team thinks, lives, and breathes weddings – all day, every day.

So, why did we start Wed Society? We wanted to bring our local communities together – thousands actively planning across our various marketplaces in addition to 750+ wedding pros and expand our model into new marketplaces to serve an even wider audience.

There are two incredible sides to Wed Society

For couples


Our community + app for engaged couples actively planning where those in the midst of planning can find connection, have conversations and engage with others both near them (and afar). It’s where the engaged can engage, so to speak! The platform is powered 100% by our members and moderated by our skilled team of editors who offer insights and helpful resources as needed to support our members.

For vendors


Our Wedding Vendor PRO network was built to empower wedding pros. We publish helpful business + marketing resources tailored to wedding professionals, host virtual events centered on wedding topics that vendors care about and provide marketing services to wedding pros seeking to level up their wedding business.

We want to be a resource for you - whether you’re actively planning or a wedding pro. Let’s build this wedding community far and wide together and support one another.

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