We’re letting you in on a brand new trend in case you learn of couples who are early adopters — hiring a social media assistant to cover the wedding day.

Tech-savvy couples who want to enjoy their day unplugged, but still get the benefit of having on-the-spot images and video to share at the end of the day are turning to social media experts for help. 

Enter, couples hiring their own personal social media assistant for their wedding day or sometimes called a social media concierge or wedding social media manager.


These are social media professionals and couples are coughing up extra cash for their services. A wedding social media assistant takes on the following tasks.

We all know that lots of pictures are typically shared by guests who attend the wedding. But, here’s the thing…couples lose control over the narrative. The wedding hashtag is now full of selfies from guests and not a lot of pretty or meaningful moments. As a result, less of the story is shared on how the day unfolded, the beautiful details, the moments that the couple wants everyone to see and remember.




The average rate can range depending on scope of coverage and time frame engaged but you can expect to pay on average between $1300 – $3000 for a wedding social media assistant.


A quick search for us revealed a wedding social media concierge service (based out of NY) called Maid of Social. Their insta bio says it all… “Because the day you spent 14 months planning should be seen by the world {in real time!}”.

Sustainability can be defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It’s being conscious of the environmental impact of the stuff we buy, use and discard in an effort to eliminate waste. We can hardly think of a more mindful or symbolic way to start a new chapter together as a married couple than to plan a sustainable wedding (or even incorporating just a few sustainable elements).

To help toward that end and spark some Earth-friendly ideas, here’s a roundup of impressive companies taking the reigns of responsibility and offering chic eco-friendly products and services.


Curbside Compost for Wedding Leftovers

Say hello to Compostable, a curbside compost pick-up service located on the westside of LA. The company provides compost services for weddings in Los Angeles county. From palm leaf plates and taco bar leftovers, the company collects bins worth of materials that they convert to soil and divert from a landfill.

The Lesser Bear

Plant-Based Dyes for Linens

Did you know that you can make hand-dyed ribbons and linens using plant-based dyes from things like cabbage, avocado and walnuts? The Lesser Bear (also out of Columbus, OH) offers plant dyed silk and velvet ribbons and is even offering face coverings during the COVID-19 crisis for $10. “I wanted to create a mask which was elegant, had a positive message, and could be worn by wedding vendors and guests alike.” For each mask purchased, she is donating a fabric mask to The Navajo Nation.

Avant Garde Studio

All Vegan Dessert Spreads

Avant Garde Cake Studio believes that people who think zero waste weddings are boring and bland have no imagination! A scroll through her Insta feed will dispel any such misconceptions. Two of this company’s most important values in business are “ethical and sustainable” and trust us, this mastermind proves that you can have a wedding and a dessert spread that is lush, all vegan and kind to the environment.

Least Waste

Wedding Confetti from Leaves

Least Waste was born in 2018 and their Instagram offers all sorts of ideas on how to take big steps and baby steps to help you achieve a zero waste life. We snagged this idea from them and thought it was such a clever and simple way to create a beautiful exit with eco-friendly confetti made from leaves. Stay tuned…their full site is launching soon with plastic-free products and helpful blogs with tips and tricks for a sustainable lifestyle, plus green recipes.

Environmentally-Friendly Venues

Finally, one of the simplest and environmentally-friendly choices couples can make is to purposefully choose an outdoor wedding venue that offers nature’s beauty with minimal decor needed. Whether that’s a shaded forest or garden with blooming florals or maybe a canyon backdrop with cacti elements or a beach oasis, the options are endless. Your guests will hardly notice any missing extra decor elements with a scenic and beautiful earth-friendly backdrop to gaze at! Ethereal Gardens seen here is nestled amongst 40 acres of edible gardens, surrounded by old growth orchards and 100 acres of organic herb and vegetable farms.

CheerUp Press

Sustainable Wedding Invitations

Stylish, sustainable paper offerings are limitless and we’re obsessed with this dark green ink on dark green handmade paper from Cheer Up Press based in Columbus, OH. Each order helps with reforestation efforts through @EdenProjects. Her luxe designs are exquisite in every sense.

Going Green with Wedding Registry

Good Intent is a low waste retailer with shops in San Diego and Portland that is on a mission to make reducing waste easier, more inclusive and more accessible. Owners, Alex and Lindsay, remind us that “bridal showers were started as a way to provide financial assistance to new couples who couldn’t afford to begin their new home on their own. Now they are commonly a way to end up with 2 food processors and 3 sets of drinkware.” Guided by this perspective, their shop introduces people to a new type of intention when registering for and purchasing gifts — one focused on responsible consumerism.

Scout Bridal

Sustainable Wedding Gowns

Scout Bridal offers fresh, sustainable and uncomplicated bridal designs based out of NYC and is available in 30+ boutiques worldwide. Sustainability is considered at every turn for this designer. Customers receive their thoughtfully-packaged gown in 100% sustainable packaging complete with a seeded Scout branded tag to plant and watch wildflowers grow. Fun fact, this company has also planted over 500 trees in the Amazon! Here’s to doing good – always!

RAW by Olivia Mar

Ethically-Sourced Gemstones

RAW by Olivia Mar is a jeweler that ships worldwide that specializes in alternative engagement rings for the unconventional bride and groom, offering ethically sourced gemstones and always conflict-free diamonds. Honest jewelry for ethical living, RAW started from a fascination for the Earth’s untouched beauty. Peruse their Instagram and it’s like entering one of your favorite daydreams!

Bottom line, small steps lead to big change, and the decisions of many to take even those small steps can move the needle and have a positive impact on the planet. What other wedding companies do you know making sustainability a focus? Drop us a comment!

Written by Ashley Murphy

Did you know that it is widely held that many businesses don’t succeed because they have weak value propositions?  Or, even if they do have a solid value proposition, far too commonly it is not communicated online and across other platforms that the brand is using to attract and retain customers.

We all talk about how important it is to know your ideal customer, but have you really taken time to dive deep into understanding just who that is?  Do you really know why that person would be looking for someone like you? If not, here’s the perfect exercise to help you identify exactly who your ideal client is. Plus, a way to take it one step further and establish a value proposition for your brand.

Value Proposition Explained.

It all begins with a Value Proposition — that short and sweet statement of who you are and what you do that solves a problem or adds value to another. In fact, it’s all quite so simple, you can boil it down to a formula.

I (or We) help [X] do [Y] by providing [Z].
X = your ideal client
Y = their unique need
Z = the unique way you meet that need

1. How To Identify Your Ideal Customer.

To help identify X (your ideal client), consider these questions…

Who do I love working with?
Who are my resources and talents best aligned to help?
Who is willing to pay me what I am worth?

2. Understanding Your Ideal Client’s Unique Needs.

Now, let’s take a deep dive. Don’t just focus on surface-level demographic traits. Think about your client’s WHY.

WHY are they looking for someone like you?
What are their goals?
What do they want to avoid?

Write down your answers to all of these questions and look for common threads.

3. Identifying How You Meet Your Client’s Needs.

Now that you’ve worked through X and Y, the last part is all about how you deliver and provide value to your client.  How do you meet their needs?  Ask yourself.

In what ways am I serving my client?
What do my clients value most about my product or the way I deliver my services?
How am I helping my clients achieve their goals or avoid a problem?
What makes my clients the happiest?

Oftentimes you can learn a lot about yourself and your company by reading reviews or testimonials from happy clients. They’ll tell you what they felt was so special about you or your product or service. Those words are great to consider weaving into your value proposition.

Now, Take a Stab at Writing Your Value Proposition

You can totally do this. Now that you’ve jotted down thoughts and responses to all of the above questions, it’s time to piece it together. It’s common to have many working drafts before finalizing your value proposition. It may even prove helpful to bounce your ideas off of others who know you and your business well. Allow them to comment and offer their thoughts and perspective.

Finally, once you have your value proposition finalized, it should be considered something that is “living and breathing” and revisited if needed as your business evolves or pivots. Now that you’ve put in all the hard work in creating it, make sure it never grows stale. This statement should guide all of your messaging and your business strategy.

To note, if something doesn’t fall in line with your value proposition, sometimes that might be an indication that it is an endeavor not worth pursuing. This isn’t in all cases and you should certainly give yourself the freedom to evolve and change, but it’s a great tool to use to assess whether the idea or strategy is worth your time. Typically, you should save the time you invest in your business for those matters that propel your business forward and fall in line with your value proposition. After all, this statement is central to who you are as a brand.

Value Proposition Example

So, here’s an example to hopefully spur your creativity and motivate you to jump start writing your very own Value Proposition.
At Wed Society, we worked with a small internal team to develop our Value Proposition. Here’s what it looks like.

Wed Society helps driven, motivated wedding vendors
focus intentionally on strengthening and growing their business
by providing educational resources, creative inspiration and opportunities
to build a powerful network among like-minded industry professionals.

X = Driven & Motivated Wedding Vendors (our ideal client)
Y = Focus Intentionally on Strengthening and Growing Their Business (their unique need)
Z = Providing Educational Resources, Creative Inspiration and Networking Opportunities (the unique way we meet this need)

As some constructive critique to ourselves, we’re trying to boil this down…make it more succinct. We’re just not there yet but we’ll get there. As I said, this is a living and breathing value proposition that should be given a great deal of thought, time and attention.

Integrate Your Value Proposition.

Once finalized, it’s time to adapt your value proposition into your messaging. As noted in the beginning of this article, it is widely held that most businesses don’t succeed because they have weak value propositions and/or commonly fail to communicate that across platforms to continuously engage new customers and retain existing ones.

Integrate and explain your value in your core messaging, on the main landing page of your website and continuously weave it throughout your social posts. You totally got this!

If you’d like to have your value proposition reviewed, drop us a comment below and share it with us.  We’d be happy to weigh in and be a resource!